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Here is some info about me and my family
For over 8 years my family & I lived full-time in the charming beach town of Puerto Armuelles, Panama. Currently, you will find us in either Seattle or Puerto Armuelles. 

My husband and I look forward to moving back to Puerto Armuelles. In the meantime, we are enjoying the time we spend in both Puerto and in Seattle.

People often ask why we stopped living full-time in Panama.

Initially, we moved back to Seattle to help take care of my ageing mom and for our kids’ schooling. Puerto is a wonderful town, but its schools leave a lot to be desired. Since then, sadly, my mom has passed away.

Now we spend time in Seattle due to the specialized interests of our children. Blaise, my younger child, is committed to becoming a professional ballet dancer and is currently a student at Seattle’s Pacific Northwest Ballet school. There is no ballet offered in Puerto Armuelles, although Panama does have a professional ballet company in Panama City.

Skylar, my older daughter, who starts college soon, is completely passionate about theater. She adores acting and is involved in most aspects of theater. And, as you can imagine, there isn’t much theater in the Chiriqui province, much less in Puerto Armuelles. So until they are both in college or employed by a ballet company, our lives will continue to move between Seattle and Puerto Armuelles. Actually, we find by not living full-time in either location we appreciate both places more.

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